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June 14th, Obama Signs DJED Pillar 1WTC, Unrest Erupts in Middle East

Obama Signs WTC “Djed-Pillar” on Eve of Battle with Syria: “We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger! Barack Obama”. Let me explain the Djed again.

Posted on June 15, 2012 

“We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger! Barack Obama,”

~Inscription placed on rebuilt World Trade Center, 6/14/2012

I don’t know much about Freemasonry, but I do have a book on Egyptian magick. It had a picture on page 55 detailing the ancient Djed pillar ritual done by the leader of the state, which was Pharaoh at that time. Now, in our times, we have symbolic structures to represent the Djed. I sincerely believe the NY Freemasons’ Djed were the twin towers, that these buildings represented something to them. And like the Djed pillars of Pharaoh’s time, within the public eye, the Tower is raised again.
Before Obama won the presidential election, some African America Freemasons in Orange NJ performed a ritual at their Lodge with the George Washington Bible. Although Obama was sworn in on Lincoln’s Bible, this ritual piqued my interest and suggested to me that Obama could have Freemason ties. It’s not 100% solid, the public opinion of whether this is true. But to me, the evidence lies in the fact that he’s still in office, up to the usual. Aside from the citizenship issues, I could hardly care less, either.
What I care about is the truth. Why do these things happen? And why the smiles?

Obama War Machine Announces Invasion of Syria

June 15, 2012
CNN reports this afternoon that the Pentagon has finalized plans to attack Syria and forcefully depose its leader, Bashar al-Assad, under the cover of securing weapons of mass destruction and preventing “sectarian violence” it has fomented by supporting and training the Free Syrian Army.
Obama War Machine Announces Invasion of Syria syria map 2012worldfactbook 300 1
“The U.S. military has completed its own planning for how American troops would conduct a variety of operations against Syria, or to assist neighboring countries in the event action was ordered, officials tell CNN.”
CNN says the Pentagon has “finalized its assessment of what types of units would be needed, how many troops, and even the cost of certain potential operations.”

“There is a sense that if the sectarian violence in Syria grows, it could be worse than what we saw in Iraq,” an unnamed Obama administration official told CNN.

The attack plan is similar to the one used against Libya:

The military planning includes a scenario for a no-fly zone as well as protecting chemical and biological sites. Officials say all the scenarios would be difficult to enact and involve large numbers of U.S. troops and extended operations.
CNN reveals that the United States, Britain and France have discussed the attack, which they describe as “contingency scenarios,” and have trained specifically for a military intervention. They are also “sharing of intelligence about what is happening in Syria with neighboring countries including Jordan, Turkey and Israel.”

“protecting chemical and biological sites” = taking their resources

Why are we working with Britain and France toward thieving from Arabia???
God will not tolerate this… :(


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The Djed pillar, an ancient Egyptian symbol meaning ‘stability’, is the symbolic backbone of the god Osiris.
The djed[pronunciation?] symbol is one of the more ancient and commonly found symbols inEgyptian mythology. It is a pillar-like symbol in hieroglyphics representing stability. It is associated with Osiris, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead. It is commonly understood to represent his spine.
In the myth of Osiris and Isis, Osiris was killed by Set by being tricked into a coffin made to fit Osiris exactly. Set then had the coffin with the now deceased Osiris flung into the Nile. The coffin was carried by the Nile to the ocean and on to the city of Byblos in Syria. It ran aground and a sacred tree took root and rapidly grew around the coffin, enclosing the coffin within its trunk. The king of the land, intrigued by the tree’s quick growth, ordered the tree cut down and installed as a pillar in his palace, unaware that the tree contained Osiris’s body. Meanwhile, Isis searched for Osiris aided by Anubis, and came to know of Osiris’s location in Byblos. Isis maneuvered herself into the favor of the king and queen and was granted a boon. She asked for the pillar in the palace hall, and upon being granted it, extracted the coffin from the pillar. She then consecrated the pillar, anointing it with myrrhand wrapping it in linen. This pillar came to be known as the pillar of djed.[1]
The djed may originally have been a fertility cult related pillar made from corn reeds or sheaves[2] or a totem from which sheaves of grain were suspended[3] or grain was piled around.[4] Erich Neumann remarks that the djed pillar is a tree fetish, which is significant considering that Egypt was primarily treeless. He indicates that the myth may represent the importance of the import of trees by Egypt from Syria.[5] The djed came to be associated with Seker, the falcon god of the Memphite necropolis, then with Ptah, theMemphite patron god of craftsmen.[6] Ptah was often referred to as “the noble djed”, and carried a scepter that was a combination of the djed symbol and the ankh, the symbol of life.[2] Ptah gradually came to be assimilated into Osiris. By the time of the New Kingdom, the djed was firmly associated with Osiris.[2]
Seems to me that the point of 9-11 was not the breaking, but the rebuilding. Eh?
Eye of Horus bw.svg

Security Forces Surround Parliament in Egypt, Escalating Tensions

Adam Ferguson for The New York Times
Protesters outside the Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo on Thursday. More Photos »
Published: June 15, 2012
CAIRO — Egypt’s military rulers formally dissolved Parliament Friday, state media reported, and security forces were stationed around the building on orders to bar anyone, including lawmakers, from entering the chambers without official notice.
The developments, reported on the Web site of the official newspaper Al Ahram, further escalated tensions over court rulings on Thursday that invalidated modern Egypt’s first democratically elected legislature. Coming on the eve of a presidential runoff, they thrust the nation’s troubled transition to democracy since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak last year into grave doubt.
The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that dominates the Parliament, has said it disputes the court’s ruling and its authority to dissolve the legislature. Saad el Katatni, the Brotherhood-picked Parliament speaker, accused the military-led government on Friday of orchestrating the ruling.
The authorities set up checkpoints overnight and contingents of riot police were moving around the city to prepare for any disturbances.
File:Flag of Port Said Governorate.PNG


Port Said acted as a global city since its establishment and flourished particularly during the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century when it was inhabited by various nationalities and religions most of them were from Mediterranean countries, they coexisted in tolerance forming a real cosmopolitan community. Referring to this factRudyard Kipling once said:

“If you truly wish to find someone you have known and who travels, there are two points on the globe you have but to sit and wait, sooner or later your man will come there: the docks of London and Port Said”.[4]


Port Said Stadium disaster

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The Port Said Stadium disaster is a mass attack that occurred on 1 February 2012 inPort Said stadium in Port Said, Egypt, following an Egyptian premier league football matchbetween Al-Masry and Al-Ahly clubs.
At least 79 people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured after thousands of Al-Masry spectators stormed the stadium stands and the pitch, following a 3–1 victory by Al-Masry.[2][3] Al-Masry fans violently attacked Al-Ahly fans, and also the club’s fleeing players, using knives, swords, clubs, stones, bottles, and fireworks as weapons.


The BBC reported that the deputy health minister said that “it is the biggest disaster in the country’s football history.”[3] The Parliament of Egypt called for an emergency session to be held on 2 February 2012 to discuss a response.[9][16] Parliament Speaker Saad el-Katatni of the Muslim Brotherhood asserted that security authorities had hesitated to act.[5]


NN says (6/15/2012) This next bit was posted at the end of January, about two days or so before the Port Said Incident. I don’t know what caused me to be thinking so much of the Astor place riot and Titanic. However, world events are so shitty right now, it’s amazing that every other schmuck isn’t having these experiences, LOL. Perhaps people are simply overmedicated and overstimulated, can’t be assed to care any longer?

ABBREVIATED TITLE: Did RMS Titanic and Britannic Get Rammed by Specialized U-Boats? Also, Was Radio Jamming of Some Kind in Effect April 15th, 1912?

Posted on January 30, 2012
Weird little thing that stands out in further history (I’ve mentioned this once before):
The Astor Place Riot occurred on May 10, 1849 at the now-demolishedAstor Opera House[1] in ManhattanNew York City and left at least 25 dead and more than 120 injured.[2] It was the deadliest to that date of a number of civic disturbances in New York City which generally pitted immigrants and nativists against each other, or together against the upper classes who controlled the city’s police and the state militia.
The riot marked the first time a state militia had been called out and had shot into a crowd of citizens, and it led to the creation of the first police force armed with deadly weapons,[3] yet its genesis was a dispute betweenEdwin Forrest, one of the best-known American actors of that time, andWilliam Charles Macready, a similarly notable English actor, which largely revolved around which of them was better than the other at acting the major roles of Shakespeare.
On the day of the riot, police chief George Washington Matsell having informed him that there was not sufficient manpower to quell a serious riot, Caleb S. Woodhull, the new Whig mayor, called out the militia. GeneralCharles Sandford assembled the state’s Seventh Regiment, along with mounted troops, light artillery and hussars, in Washington Square Park, a total of 350 men, who would be added to the 100 policemen outside the theater in support of the 150 inside. Additional policemen were assigned to protect the homes in the area of the city’s “uppertens“, the wealthy and elite.[4]
On the other side, similar preparations took place. Determined to embarrass the newly ensconced Whig powers, Tammany Hall man CaptainIsaiah Rynders, a fervent backer of Forrest who had been one of those behind the mobilization against Macready on May 7, distributed handbills and posters in saloons and restaurants across the city, inviting working men and patriots to show their feelings about the British, asking “SHALL AMERICANS OR ENGLISH RULE THIS CITY?” Tickets to Macready’s May 10 show were handed out, free, as well as plans for where people should deploy.[4]



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